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the pasta maker on a short street

We are a fresh pasta shop located in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, just off Main Street. Our pasta is made from non-GMO wheat that is certified organic and sustainably grown on the North East.  Our ingredients are local. We offer a variety of pasta types, changing daily.

Flour, the preeminent and most considered ingredient at Pastaio Via Corta, forms the basis for our shop.  Danielle works side-by-side with farmers and millers to create a story of how pasta is made—from the beginning starting with seeds, harvesting, milling and finally into dough for pasta.

organic, milled to order,   stone ground flour





Our sustainably grown whole wheat flour is from Alprilla Farm in Essex, Massachusetts, where it is grown by Noah and Sophie. The certified organic, non-GMO durum-semolina wheat flour that we use is from the Province of Quebec by La Milanaise.  Maine Grains also provides us with stone ground, milled to order-certified organic flour, grown all throughout New England by small farmers. Organic free-range eggs for our fresh pasta are sourced from Seven Acres Farm in North Reading. Our local vegetables and herbs are grown by Caitlin at Plough in the Stars Farm in Ipswich, Iron Ox Farm by Alex in West Gloucester, Three Sister Garden Project in Ipswich and Cedar Rock Gardens by Tucker and Elise in West Gloucester.

Pastaio Via Corta offers a tasty house-made pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, cheeses and everything else needed to make the perfect pasta supper.

"In Gloucester, pasta for the people."

— Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe




Pastaio Via Corta provides fresh pasta to restaurants and specialty shops on the North Shore and Boston area




Call us at:  978-868-5005

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Danielle Glantz

" delicious and sustainable sourced food should be available to everyone! "

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An alumni of the storied Chez Panisse and an Académie Brillat-Savarin Medal of Merit recipient at the Culinary Institute of America, Danielle Glantz’s sophisticated talents and training have prepared some of the most elegant dishes in the best kitchens in America. However, her passion is something a bit more simple and rustic: the freshest pasta – made with the most local and seasonal ingredients possible.

Danielle started cooking with her mother and grandmothers at home in their kitchens in western Massachusetts. With Lebanese and Italian heritage, a focus on family and food is in her DNA.

At the age of sixteen, Glantz got her first restaurant gig: busing tables. She took this and worked her way into the kitchen. She knew, at that point, that she would one day have a place of her own.  

At the start of her journey she worked in restaurants. At first, part-time while attending the University of Hartford and jamming on a NCAA Division 1 women's softball program. Later, full-time - after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, she accepted a position at Chez Panisse – the American birthplace of the elegant, local, seasonal cooking movement – under the tutelage of Alice Waters.

During her four years at Chez Panisse she spent time in the Café and Restaurant soaking up as much as possible, while developing a passion for charcuterie and butchering. Overtime, she grew to oversee the charcuterie program.

Yearning for home, seasons, and family, Danielle wanted to bring her focus back to Massachusetts. She wanted to make the practices of sustainability and seasonality the highlight of her cooking. She moved to Gloucester starting first as the sous-chef at The Market Restaurant and later began her tenure as Chef at Short & Main.  

While working at both of these stellar restaurants, she developed strong relationships with the many farmers and purveyors on the North Shore. She looks forward to developing relationships with her new customers.



Open Wednesday-Sunday  11 AM to 7-ish PM

Closed on Holidays

The moral of the story is Danielle pretty much lives at the shop.

Give us a ring if you're heading out and you'd like to place your order in advance and/or you think you might miss us.