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We are a fresh pasta shop located in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts on Main Street. Our pasta is made from non-GMO wheat that is certified organic and sustainably grown on the North East.  Our ingredients are local and harvested in peak season from the surrounding community. We offer a variety of pasta types, changing daily. Our filled pasta days are Thursday and Saturday only.

Flour, the preeminent and most considered ingredient at Pastaio Via Corta, forms the basis for our shop.  Danielle works side-by-side with farmers and millers to create a story of how pasta is made—from the beginning starting with seeds, harvesting, milling and finally into dough for pasta.

We also carry pantry items from farmers, artisans & producers from Italy. Danielle travels and works hand in hand with her importer and the farmers over in Italy to make sure that the quality is not only the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted, but the passion, dedication, tradition and supporting small farmers is transparent. She is dedicated to upholding those traditions of products from Italy and selling to customers the real thing. Everything in the shop not only has a story behind it, but is from a family or group of people that share the same ideas and values.

organic, milled to order, stone ground wheat

The certified organic, non-GMO durum semolina wheat flour that we use is from the Province of Quebec from the mill La Milanaise.  Our heritage wheats come from Maine Grains located in Skowhegan, ME. Here they provide us with stone ground, milled to order-certified organic wheat flour, grown all throughout New England by small farmers. Our “00” stone ground organic flour comes from Wild Hive Farm in Clinton Corners, NY. The free-range organic, non-goo fed eggs for our fresh pasta are sourced from Seven Acres Farm in North Reading, MA by second generation farmer Paul and his family. Our local vegetables, meat and herbs are grown by Iron Ox Farm by Alex in West Gloucester, Alprilla Farm in Essex by Noah & Sophie and Cedar Rock Gardens by Tucker & Elise in West Gloucester.

Pastaio Via Corta is committed to sourcing the best ingredient possible and by doing so supporting those farmers around us. We like to make the connection to community and customers by connecting everyone through food. We are lucky to live in such an abundant area of agriculture and small farmers.