Pastaio Via Corta

Pastaio Via Corta

Pastaio Via Corta.

The Pasta Maker On A Short Street.

We are a fresh pasta shop located in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, just off Main Street. Our pasta is made from non-GMO wheat that is certified organic and sustainably grown on the Northeast.  Our ingredients are local. We offer a variety of pasta types, changing daily.

Flour, the preeminent and most considered ingredient at Pastaio Via Corta, forms the basis for our shop.  Danielle works side-by-side with farmers to create a story of how pasta is madefrom the beginning starting with seeds, harvesting, milling and finally into dough for pasta.

Our sustainably grown whole wheat flour is from Alprilla Farm in Essex, Massachusetts, where it is grown by Noah and Sophie. The certified organic, non-GMO durum-semolina wheat flour that we use is from the Province of Quebec by La Milanaise.  Maine Grains also provides us stone ground "00" flour that is certified organic. Organic free-range eggs for our fresh pasta are sourced from Seven Acres Farm in North Reading. Our local vegetables and herbs are grown by Caitlin at Plough in the Stars Farm in Ipswich, Three Sister Garden Project in Ipswich and Cedar Rock Gardens by Tucker and Elise in West Gloucester.

Pastaio Via Corta offers a tasty house-made pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, cheeses and everything else needed to make the perfect pasta supper.

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